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Step 1

Know Your Current Level

Appear for the “English Comprehensive Test” that identifies your weak areas by rating you on 5 parameters.

  • Grammar knowledge
  • Length of an Impromptu Speech
  • Grammar accuracy in speech
  • Structure of ideas in speech
  • Audience Engagement

How it Helps?

Training groups are formed solely on the basis of your ratings obtained from the results of English Comprehensive Test. People with ratings in the similar range are grouped together to ensure that each of you learns at his/her comfortable pace.

Step 2

Know the Promised Measurable Results

While most Spoken English institutes don’t promise any measurable results, we do so. Depending on your test ratings, we accurately tell you the results that you can achieve by the end of the course.

  • An improvement of 60% in Grammar accuracy
  • An increase of 100% in the length of structured speeches

What does that mean?

No matter how long you can speak now, we promise a 100% increase in the length of speech. So, if you can deliver a 5 minutes Impromptu Speech now, we promise you will be able to deliver a 10 minutes Impromptu Speech after finishing the course. Now, you may say, “That’s fine that I will speak for 10 minutes but what if, I talk nonsense.” So, to clarify, when we say that you will speak for 10 minutes after finishing the course, we mean you will speak sensibly (logically) for 10 minutes and your ideas will be well-structured. Similarly, if you speak with 50% grammar accuracy now, we promise an increase of 60% i.e. by the end of the course your accuracy will be 80%.

Step 3

Buy the demo session and attend it.

We want you to experience the difference that one quality session can bring in your English Skills. Pay Rs. 500 and book an appointment for the demo session. Attend the session and share your valuable feedback.

Step 4

Did you like the session?

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An overview of your upcoming journey to Acing an Interview

3 Phase Approach

Phase 1. Self- Awareness

Self Awareness is the most crucial step to acing an interview. It gives you the content to explain yourself. Interview Gyan uses 2 proven exercises to instigate this awareness: Strength Analysis and The Why Approach.

Strength Analysis

The guided process helps you to dig deeply and uncover the strongest stories of your life - stories that will be the evidence that you will use in an interview to prove that you possess certain traits.

In the process, you will identify your unique personality traits.

The Why Approach

This next level introspection pushes you to take a look at your life till date and list the choices that you have made.

Questioning the “why” to each choice, you will find the key influences behind each of those choices.

Phase 2. Application

In this phase of preparation, you will learn to use the strongest stories of your life for answering the questions in a sensible way during an interview.

STAR Format

It gives a standard framework to your answers to make them impactful. You will share your stories in an impressive and convincing way.


This standard technique will make sure that you don’t run out of ideas to answer a question during an interview. It will truly become your Idea Generator.

Phase 3. Mock Interviews

Mock Interview Sessions help you practice your newly developed skills in real-like interview situations. Trainers analyze your answers and give you a detailed feedback, pointing out specific areas for improvement. You get personalized action plan so that you improve faster.

Experience the Change

Customizable Training Program

We design the program that provides solution to the specific challenges in English communication faced by the employees of your organization. You get our flagship Learn English program customized to meet your training needs.

Individual Attention

Get free access to Phone Sessions for tailored practice sessions that provide solution specific to the needs of each employee, assuring everyone’s improvement.

Measurable Improvement

The training methodology is of Micro Deliverables and Practical Assessments. With the Video Recordings of Performances, you can track the improvement of each employee.

Choose the deliverables of your Training Program

  • English Language Training
  • Telephone Etiquettes
  • E-mail Etiquettes
  • Presentation Skills
  • Logical Thinking
  • Customer Handling
  • Convincing Skills
  • Structured Speaking

School Program

Our flagship program “Learn English” has been customized for school students of class 6 to class 12.

Benefits Of

School Program

Early Start to Personality Building

The foundations of a great personality are laid in the early stages of life. The School Program teaches the proven techniques to the students at a time when they have ample opportunities to practice them.

Strong Grammar Foundation

We teach the application of grammar in day- to- day conversation through Visualization of Tenses, a technique that helps native Hindi speaking students to converse in English with less grammar mistakes.

Fight Stage Fear

To be corporate ready, it is essential that the students drop their weaknesses in school. With fun filled activities, students readily participate in speaking exercises, weakening the roots of fear and hesitation.

Leverage Existing Skills

Key Activities in the program like Bullet Point leverage the skills such as Story Telling that School Students already possess, thus building on existing skills to make them Impactful Speakers.

Enrol For the

Most Effective Courses

Personalized Feedback

At Interview Gyan, we believe that each of our students is different and has a unique journey towards improvement. Hence, same solution might not work for each of you. Our trainers consistently mentor you personally to help you achieve your goals for Grammar, Spoken English, Personality Development and Interview Preparation.

Comprehensive evaluation for Spoken English and Interview Preparation

The first step towards learning is to assess where you stand. Appear for the comprehensive test that makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This also helps us to assign you a group with candidates of similar starting skills. This ensures that you learn at your own comfortable pace.

Guaranteed Improvement

We offer 100℅ money back guarantee at Interview Gyan. Out of the 9500 students that we have trained till date fewer than 7℅ of the students have asked for refund. You have access to a course with above 90℅ success rate of improving Spoken English and Interview Cracking Skills.

Unlimited sessions at Interview Gyan Noida branch

We truly value your dedication. Once enrolled for any classroom program for Spoken English, you can attend as many speaking activities as you want. Exposure to unlimited Presentations, GDs and Mock Interviews provides you an environment conducive for improving your skills.

Classroom and Phone Programs

We are open to Long Distance Commitments. If you can’t visit Interview Gyan Noida branch then try our phone programs. All the phone sessions are recorded to ansure the quality that meets our classroom training benchmark.

Honestly priced Courses

Interview Gyan has a sole purpose to make the proven and innovative training accessible to a larger number of people. With the guarantee of improvement, we offer the most effective courses for Spoken English and Interview Training in Noida at the honest prices.

Our Students

Speak For Us

“Truly Unlimited Sessions”

The course brought terrific improvement in my personality. So, I wanted to keep on attending the classes. They actually allowed me to do so.

Birendra Singh, B.A. Student

“Individual Attention”

The activities like Wander-Ponder and personal attention by the trainer on me and everyone were the key reasons of my improvement. My experience was marvelous.

Trisandhya, Jayoti Vidyapeeth

“Amazing Activities”

What worked for me was the Bullet Point Technique. I used to go blank in impromptu speeches. Not anymore. The technique is simple and you start speaking logically.

Tushar, Student

“Teaches Structured Speaking”

I really appreciate the Bullet Point Activity. After joining IG, I have improved a lot in communication skills and my thought process has become structured.

Amrita, Job Seeker
Learn from the

Best In Industry Trainers

Priyanka Agarwal

Ashish Gupta

Ghazal Jain


Amit Chopra




Priyanka Burman

Experience their passion to share their knowledge and help you succeed.
Learn through

Proven Methods

Bullet point technique for Ideas’ Generation

Empower yourself with our proprietary Bullet Point technique. You will no longer be confused about what you can actually speak on a topic. This will truly become your Idea Generator.

Timeline Approach for Tenses

Build a solid foundation of Tenses with the Visualization or Timeline Approach.

PERP for impressive speeches

Learn the art of adding such details to your narration that make it impressive. It gives a sensible structure to your impromptu speeches, thus making them impactful.

Self Introspection Based Interview Training

Cracking interviews is no more a Herculean task. We will take you on a guided journey of self introspection. You will sense the newly developed clarity in your answers.


Money Back


Attend a demo session at Interview Gyan for the course that you want to join.

If you don’t think this is the right course for you, we will be happy to issue a full refund.