Soft Skills and Spoken English Training

Interview Gyan improves your communication skills and prepares you for public speaking, client meetings, presentations and cracking interviews through practice sessions and mentoring from experts. Audio Video methodology helps candidates to remove hesitation and speak fluently. The programs cover grammar, logical thought process, vocabulary, voice and accent, fluency, gap reduction and other important areas that hinder your success

Our Methodology:
Understanding your current problem areas with a comprehensive test for grammar, logical thought process, speaking and pronunciation.
A demo/trial class for interaction with the trainer and the students.
Regular recording of performances to ensure qualitative improvement.
Final test and feedback.
Repetion or extra classes are provided without any changes if the target is not achieved.

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Spoken English Level 1


 You can go for this level if you are struggling with:


  • Lots of Grammatical mistakes.
  • Blanking of thoughts & gaps while speaking.
  • Lots of  hesitation.
  • Can’t even speak for 15-20 secs on a given topic.
  • Very low self confidence.
  • Pronunciation mistakes & mother tongue influence.


This course has been designed for  improving your overall grammar, building self confidence, minimum 4-5 mins. of speaking time for on the spot topics with 80-90 % accuracy.

Students per batch:

Maximum 20 students.

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Spoken English Level 2


You can go for this level 


  • if you struggle with low self confidence during public speaking,presentations, group discussions and client meetings.
  • If you have a good educational or professional background but lack in communication skills.


This Course has been designed to improve confidence in public dealings, speaking time for on the spot topics  to 8-10 mins with logical ability and 90-95% grammatical accuracy.

Students per batch:

Maximum 20 students.

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Interview Preparation


At Interview Gyan, we believe, an interview is not just a question-answer round. It is a self-selling exercise wherein success of a candidate depends on how well he knows his potential and how well he expresses it. All it takes to succeed is a step by step training to guide him in the right direction. But this is what actually candidates miss. We have brought experts from various domains on a single platform to help you improve your communication skills and crack your interviews.

This Program can be customized according to the number of days available with the candidate and his/her current level of communication skills , confidence and logical ability.

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