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As part of our corporate training program, we have provided our services to a number of companies and colleges with on-going projects at KritiKal SecureScan-Noida , DSCL-New Delhi and Hamburg Sud India Pvt Ltd-New Delhi etc . We have brought experts from various domains on a single platform to improve candidates and make them confident to interact with the clients, give impressive presentations, resolve customer queries and tackle other challenges in soft skills and IT domains. We give a detailed analysis of a candidate’s personality and help him target his weaker areas for improvement

The details of the “Activities” of the course are as below:

Step 1: Level Checking

Understanding the current problem areas with a comprehensive test for grammar, logical thought process, speaking and pronunciation. This can be done with one to one interactions with the candidates for 5 to 10 mins.  along with video recordings. After the evaluation the candidates would be put into two types of batches i.e. L1 for beginners and L2 for average or above average candidates.

Level 1:candidates can go for this level if they are struggling with:

  • Lots of Grammatical mistakes.
  • Blanking of thoughts & gaps while speaking.
  • Lots of hesitation.
  • Can’t even speak for 15-20 secs on a given topic.
  • Very low self confidence.
  • Pronunciation mistakes & mother tongue influence.
  • Unable to write mails correctly and formally.

Target of L1 program:

This course has been designed for improving your overall grammar for written and verbal communication, building self confidence for minimum 4-5 mins. of speaking time for on the spot topics with 80-90 % accuracy.


Level 2:candidates can go for this level if they are struggling with:

  • Low self confidence during public speaking, presentations, email writing, group discussions and client meetings.
  • If they have a good educational or professional background but lack in communication skills.

Target of L2 program:

This Course has been designed to improve confidence in public dealings, boosting speaking time for on the spot topics to 8-10 mins with logical ability and 90-95% grammatical accuracy for written and verbal communication.

Step 2: Trainer Interaction

A demo/trial class for interaction with the trainer and the students would be conducted.

Step 3: Commencement Of Classes
Step 4: Mid Term and End Term review

A comprehensive test for grammar, confidence and logical ability would be conducted along with the video recordings of the performances.

Note: The list of activities for both levels have been enclosed asattachment. Minor modifications can be done by the trainers during the program depending upon the level of the candidates. However, the final improvement of the candidates would not get affected due to the changes in the activities.

Course Duration and Timings

The total standard program would be run for 2 months that includes two formats:

  1. 5 classes per week i.e. Monday to Friday of 1 hour duration or
  2. 3 classes per week i.e. MWF or TTS with 1.5 hours duration

Any one of the above formats can be applied according to mutual understanding. However, 15 days extra classes could also be provided without extra charges in order to ensure balanced improvement (repetition or revision) of all the candidates.

Fee Structure and Payment Schedule

The total fees per candidate varies according to the total number of candidates, total number of batches to be formed and the duration of the course. This would be discussed in the first meeting.

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