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We believe each of our students is different and has a unique journey towards improvement. Hence same solution might not work for each of you. Our trainers consistently mentor you personally to help you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Evaluation

The first step towards learning is to assess where you stand. Appear for the comprehensive test that makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This also helps us to assign you a group with candidates of similar starting skills. This ensures that you learn at your own comfortable pace.

Guaranteed Improvement

We offer 100℅ money back guarantee with each course. Out of the 9116 students that we have trained till date fewer than 7℅ of the students have asked for refund. You have access to a course with above 90℅ success rate.

Unlimited Sessions

We truly value your dedication. Once enrolled for any classroom program, you can attend as many sessions as you want. Exposure to unlimited sessions provides you an environment conducive for improving your skills.

Classroom and Phone Programs

We are open to Long Distance Commitments. If you can’t visit our centre at Noida, try our phone programs. All phone sessions are recorded to assure the quality that meets our classroom training benchmark.

Honestly priced Courses

Interview Gyan has a sole purpose to make the proven and innovative training accessible to a larger number of people. With the guarantee of improvement, we offer the most effective courses in the industry at the honest prices.

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“Truly Unlimited Sessions”

The course brought terrific improvement in my personality. So, I wanted to keep on attending the classes. They actually allowed me to do so.

Birendra Singh, B.A. Student

“Individual Attention”

The activities like Wander-Ponder and personal attention by the trainer on me and everyone were the key reasons of my improvement. My experience was marvelous.

Trisandhya, Jayoti Vidyapeeth

“Amazing Activities”

What worked for me was the Bullet Point Technique. I used to go blank in impromptu speeches. Not anymore. The technique is simple and you start speaking logically.

Tushar, Student

“Teaches Structured Speaking”

I really appreciate the Bullet Point Activity. After joining IG, I have improved a lot in communication skills and my thought process has become structured.

Amrita, Job Seeker
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Priyanka Agarwal

Ashish Gupta

Ghazal Jain


Amit Chopra




Priyanka Burman

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Proven Methods

Bullet point technique for Ideas’ Generation

Empower yourself with our proprietary Bullet Point technique. You will no longer be confused about what you can actually speak on a topic. This will truly become your Idea Generator.

Timeline Approach for Tenses

Build a solid foundation of Tenses with the Visualization or Timeline Approach.

PERP for impressive speeches

Learn the art of adding such details to your narration that make it impressive. It gives a sensible structure to your impromptu speeches, thus making them impactful.

Self Introspection Based Interview Training

Cracking interviews is no more a Herculean task. We will take you on a guided journey of self introspection. You will sense the newly developed clarity in your answers.

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